Lust for licorice

There is something only a Finn (or a Scandinavian) understands: love for licorice. In Finland we also have this salt licorice called salmiakki which is something many people can’t live without.
Last weekend there was a happening just for licorice lovers: Licorice festival. It was held for the second time this year and it was certainly one of the most interesting food events in Helsinki this fall.
My blog life has been quite sleepy due to the big deadline I have this month to finish the book I am writing. Only Uzi has been telling about his travels. Also now I should be editing the book but I really really need to share this lovely experience I had in licorice festival last weekend.
Lakrids by Johan Bulow
These wonderful Danish licorice candies were one of my personal favorites! Amazing flavors: passion fruit licorice, ginger licorice, Christmas licorice…  Couldn’t resist and bought a couple of boxes. Someone might find one under the Christmas tree 🙂
Haupt Lakrits SwedenMy other favorite comes from Stockholm and it is called Haupt Lakrits, a tiny factory with great licorice flavors and lovely tins that you simply can’t throw away.
lakritsijuuriThere was an exhibition about licorice. Wonderful what you can get out of licorice root and this abstract looking sludge 🙂
lakritsi_featured_image (2)   wine_tasting_lakritsi_festivaaliThere was a wine tasting for fitting the right wine to… a licorice. I wouldn’t think of that combination but it apparently works.
A licorice flavored entrecote was on the menu in a cooking workshop with the chef Douglas Spiik. Licorice powder goes well with many things.
lakritsitaidettaThe kids loved this… a licorice art workshop. I guess some of the licorice went into the tummies as well.
Panda lakritsiA common label with new tastes: old good Panda.
apteekin_salmiakkiApteekin salmiakki. Strong and salty. Virpi_Vainio_salmiakki_manifestoYou could easily bite this jewellery made by Virpi Vainio. Lakritsi- ja salmiakkifestivaali Wanha Satama Helsinki Finland
A great event! The festival was held for the first time last year and this year it already drew surprisingly many visitors as some of the exhibitors ran out of their stock already on the first day.
I am sure that next year this will be already an established happening. Before that you can head to Stockholm Lakritsfestivalen which will take place in the spring.

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  1. I respectfully disagree with the statement that the only a Finn ( or Scandinavian) understands: love for licorice. The Netherlands boasts the highest per capita consumption of licorice in the world, with each person eating more than 4 pounds per year! After almost 30 years in America, it is the one thing my family will always bring.

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