Matkamessuille viikonloppuna – monta hyvää syytä mennä!

Kun netissä on niin paljon infoa ilmaiseksi, miksi mennä enää matkamessuille? Monestakin syystä!

Mielestäni esitteiden keruun voi jo unohtaa, kenellä niitä edes on aikaa lukea? Korkeintaan voi napata ne tärkeimmät sen sijaan, että kantaa kilokaupalla paperiroskikseen päätyvää kallista materiaalia.

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Nyt käymme joulun viettohon…

Vaikka maailma on täynnä ihania paikkoja, nyt on ihana saada olla kotona, Suomessa ja rauhoittua. Hyvää joulua ja rauhaisaa loma-aikaa! Kiitos, että olette seuranneet reissujamme. Kiitollisuudella mietin tätä vuotta. Paljon olen ehtinyt nähdä ja kokea. Matka jatkuu…

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Amedeo Modigliani Ateneumissa

Amedeo Modiglianin retrospektiivinen näyttely Ateneumissa 28.10.2016-5.2.2017 on talven ehdoton must-tapahtuma kaikille taiteen ystäville.

Museolla on toki tarjota paljon muutakin näkemisen arvoista, kuten esimerkiksi Kaarina Kaikkosen installaatio Ateneumin sisäpihalla (Huom! vain 11.12.2016 saakka!!).

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So it is Christmas…

The world is full of wonderful places to explore but it feels just so good to be at home now and just to relax with family and friends.
We wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka or a peaceful holiday time! Thank you for following our blog! I am deeply grateful for all the adventures this year has brought. The journey continues… Continue reading So it is Christmas…

Christmas atmosphere in Hakaniemi market hall! 9 tips for Christmas shopping

Hakaniemi market hall has stood in its place over 100 years and will go through a thorough renovation in the recent years but you can still feel the original atmosphere when shopping and sipping a coffee in its cafe.
I can’t imagine myself leaving home without a bracelet in my hand so these beautiful metal-cork bracelets caught my eyes in the 2nd floor Artbycork. Works for both women and men!
The hand bag model here is the shop keeper Lina Galrito-Leinoen. Raised in Portugal, the audiovisual artist by profession, Lina Galrito-Leinonen moved to Finland 11 years ago and has thought always out of the box. In addition to importing and designing cork wall tapestry, design objects, bags and jewellery, she has now broken into fashion field. Stay tuned to know what exactly.
Everything started just out of co-incidence. Lina had moved to Finland and was astonished when people asked her about the material of her hand bag.
“It was cork, naturally!  But in Finland no one knew cork!”
In Portugal cork is a widely used material and Lina thought to herself that why not bringing to Finland something that didn’t exist here yet.  It worked – the Finns were curious to adopt the new material and now Lina is planning to open a shop in Helsinki city center.
In the second floor there is a familiar brand but in a bit different surrounding. Lovely!
The red Kumiseva fabric, designed by the Japanese designer Katsuji Wakisaka in 1971 for Marimekko, is a permanent favorite among both Finns and tourists and it fits the season well.
These cards made by wordburning pen are designed by Ritva Myllymäki who makes them on a unique material: curly birch. You can order a card with your own rhyme or text and she will be happy to fulfill your wishes.
Ritva has a small workshop attached to her shop so you can peep inside and see her working. This smiling lady won’t be too busy for a chat.  She says she still loves her job after having her shop for 14 years and when a new idea comes, she can’t wait until going home in order to start working .
Nowadays she has a huge variety of products in addition to the holiday and birthday cards but the idea in all her handicrafts is the woodburned text and wood as material.
Downstairs you will find the traditional small shops offering the best and the freshest quality. I couldn’t resist the gravlax and smoked salmon at the fish delicacy shop Marja Nätti.  
Uzi gets his fish from the Argentinian Teresa at Patagonico.
It’s not easy to pass by Maustekeidas! With this variety of antipasto, nuts, spices and halva, it is easy to get confused but the lovely Maroccoan shopkeeper Najib Houda will help you out. This time it was garlic marinated olives and herb spiced feta cheese together will “snow almonds” that got into my shopping basket.
Parhiala, founded in 1914 is the place to get your coffee and tea. With their own roastery, it is guaranteed that your coffee will be fresh and the variety of different kinds of teas is awesome. An awesome Christmas present would be Kusmi or Løv teas that are not so commonly found in Finland. I treated myself with Løv licorice flavored Earl Gray . The tin box is so beautiful that I would like to get a row of them. Indira Wrede will help to choose.
If you need a break, sit down for a cup of ginger bread coffee at the second floor Hallikahvila. The atmospheric cafe has served the market hall customers over 35 years already.
And if you feel hungry, Soppakeittiö is the perfect winter lunch place with its huge, hot soups. In addition to Hakaniemen market hall, you can get your share of their wonderful soup bowl also at the two other market halls in Helsinki: Hietalahden Kauppahalli and Vanha Kauppahalli.
I chose the vegan beetroot-cabbage soup. It cost 9,50 e including home made bread and herbal oil.
Naomi Kuwajinu from Osaka was on a quick stop over in Helsinki on her way to London. She was happy to find a Marimekko shop and a store selling old ceramics – she told that she loves Arabia, the famous Finnish brand.
So soon it is Christmas! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday time!

Amedeo Modigliani in Ateneum

The retrospective exhibition of Amedeo Modigliani is in the art museum of Ateneum, Helsinki this winter, 28.10.2016 – 5.2.2017.A must for all art lovers. The museum also has much more to offer, such as Kaarina Kaikkonen`s installation at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard 5.2.2016 – 11.12.2016 !And the new display of the museum’s collection of Finnish classics is truly impressive.Go go go.

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