In Um Qais I met these cute guys who were on a class trip.

Last year one of my dreams came true – I got the chance to visit Jordan on our work trip. We spent nine wonderful days touring around the country. We drove (actually sat as we had a driver) 2000 km.
I didn’t have many expectations. I just wanted to see the Jordanian miracle – Petra. I was suprised how much there was to see: lot of history and archeology everywhere. People were really nice and the food… what is a trip without food? We ate and ate and ate… a lot! The food was really good. The Jordanian kitchen is a mixture of Turkish, Lebanese, Palestinian and Bedouin kitchens and the results are mouthwatering. Where ever we went, even a simple place to eat only hummus, we got fresh and tasty food.

A tea break with a Bedouin man in his cave.

The best (and funnest!) guide in Jordan Kamel Jayusi showed us his country. His knowledge was awesome… try to find a question he doesn’t know the answer 🙂

El Khazne, the treasury in Petra.

Wadi Rum desert is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is famous for its red sand.

Tea break. The chai was a mixture of sage, cardamon, cinnamon and the taste was so good!
Uzi working late at night in his tent…
Jordania, Aqaba; maustekauppa

The best possible sales man. You simply can’t refuse to buy from this guy. Ibrahim in his spice store in Aqaba.

You can’t be afraid of the water in Wadi Mujib water cayon.


Uzi in action. The Jordanian food is mostly a wide selection of mezze as a starter and meat for the main course. Coffee/tea and something really sweet such as baklava to finish with.
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Don’t fall down Uzi!

Uzi constantly misses his grandsons on our trips… here he showed his skills as a babysitter.

Sheikh Uzi with a Bedouin family. We spent one day with these nice and hospitable people. I even learned (or tried at least!) how to make the Bedouin break on fire. I also got a lesson how women eat with their burka without taking it off! I hardly could do it without covering my face.


Read more about our Jordanian adventure in Kodin Kuvalehti  issue 2/14.

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