The bush doctor from Arsos

On the evening of our 3rd day in Cyprus we reached the village of Arsos. The ancient village is built on a round shoulder of a hill about 30-40 km away from Pafos. On that late evening dinner we learned from our hostess that her neighbor, a young man who recently moved to the village, will be happy to guide us on the next days to explore the village and the area .

Christos Kayias proved to be a great nature guide who keeps the traditional village knowledge as far as herbs and other medicinal plants are concerned.
He was born in Pafos but spent his summer holidays in the village of Arsos with his grandfather. Recently, as economical crisis and unemployment hit the island, he decided to move to the mountains and live on his grandfather’s land. He runs a small Tea Shop where, except tea and beer, you can get the dried weeds and herbs that he collects from the nature around. He is very much concerned about the small community and volunteers to help and promote the village. I noticed his great affection and human approach towards an old disabled neighbor.
Later that night I thought that the future of Arsos is secure as long as people like Christos are around.


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