Matka is here again!

The most important travel happening is about to begin! Or actually it started already and we got some bites for you from the professionals’ day.
I truly enjoyed meeting my colleagues from all corners of the world.
Uzi’s pictures will tell you more than any story… If you are in Helsinki, be there! Lots of colors, tastes and… a lot of noise. This time also the domestic destinations are in an important role side by side with the foreign countries. I am especially proud of our archipelago being displayed well!
_49A7142 _49A7152 _49A7141 _49A7153 _49A7158 _49A7161 _49A7163 _49A7172 _49A7274 _49A7334 _49A7289 _49A7337 _49A7354 _49A7358 _49A7134 Matka 2016 will be open for public from this Fri to Sun, Jan 22-24. Enjoy! 🙂

One thought on “Matka is here again!”

  1. Do you know what “Matka” means in Czech Language? Matka means mother 🙂 Isn’t funny? Have a nice day! Lucie from Prague 🙂

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