Getting romantic for Valentine's!

Well, let’s talk about romantic holidays.
Romantic beach
A romantic holiday gives a spark back to a relatioship. That’s what says a fresh survey made by Tjäreborg. I don’t doubt that!
According to the same survey the top 5 romantic beach destinations were:

  1. Greek small islands
  2. Maledives
  3. Crete
  4. Mauritius
  5. Thailand

And top romantic 5 city holidays:

  1. Venice
  2. Roma
  3. Paris
  4. Barcelona
  5. Nice

Well, I would go to anyone! Rome has been on my list for a long time, in other city destinations I have been (and liked too).But from the beach destinations Mauritius and Maledives are still on my to do-list.
I have been in so many romantic places on my work and private trips and decided to make a list of my own . This is a mixture of beach and city, wilderness and villages. By clicking the destination you will be led to the local tourism info.
Andaman India Havelock Radha Nagar
Image: Daniel Koponen
1. Havelock, Andaman islands, India, where especially Havelock and Radha Nagar (Beach no 7) is a super romantic place with its emerald lagoon and beautiful, untouched sandy beach.
Jaffa port Israel
2. Jaffa harbor next to Tel Aviv in Israel is a place where many wedding pictures are taken. Narrow streets, art galleries, fish restaurant and the harbor. Very picturesque and romantic place!
Paris France
Image: Daniel Koponen
3. Paris. Had to add this to my list too. I guess no explanation needed.

4. Lapland.
Atmospheric, dark winter, Northern lights.  Unique and romantic!
Tasties Cafe Pano Lefkara Cyprus
5. Pano Lefkara village in Cyprus is a perfect hide away. Small streets, quiet village life and this lovely Tasties cafe where you can spend a long evening next to a candle light.
Elafonisis beach Crete
6.  Crete. The famous Elafonisis is great but try also small beaches. If you are lucky you can find a beach of your own. Like I did behind the beautiful Vai beach.
7. The sunset above the lake at our own summer cottage.
Oh, there are so many. This list could be endless. Walking in Taormina old town streets in Sicily, watching starts in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, cycling on the beach in Jurmala, an old spa town in Latvia. Soon I am going to Epirus, Greece. Seems to be a very romantic destination as well, at least according to the pictures.
Happy Valentine’s and lovely holiday planning moments for the coming year! The planning itself is so much fun too, isn’t it?
Where would you go on a holiday? I’d love to hear your lists too!

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