Flashback: our year 2015 on the map

Feeling grateful! So many trips, meetings, happenings within one year! This is our year 2015 in a nutshell including private and work trips but excluding cruises and some short trips such as cruises to Stockholm and spa trips to Estonia (which I don’t calculate exactly as “abroad” anymore… 🙂 ) .
My first destination this year was Greece and not exactly the regular destinations but Epirus,  “The Greek Alps”. I made several posts about my trip, including Greece in a different way and Horseback riding, whitewater rafting and snow shoe walking – in Greece!
The highlight of this trip were the monasteries of Meteora, once in a lifetime destination one has to experience in person. No stories or pictures will do justice to it!
Berlin 2.2015 Uzi headed to Berlin instead.
Our next work trip destination was Portugal where we toured basically through the whole country from the very Southern tip of Algarve up to Estrella mountain range in 9 days. A wonderful country, wonderful food, wonderful people… 🙂
portugal 4.2015At the unknown soldier’s thomb after change of shifts the soldiers were in a good mood 🙂

In Portimao we met this lovely Finnish couple and spent the entire day with them eating, playing music and walking on the beach. On this online article you can get some idea. Sorry, only in Finnish! 🙂
http://www.etlehti.fi/artikkeli/terveys/paasimme_eroon_laakkeistamme_etelan_lammossa muotiasiantuntija Piret Mägi
In May we headed to Tallinn to make a city guide: good food and lot of things to do can be found just around the corner (or across the bay). Part of our finding can be read on this Matkaopas article.
It didn’t take long for us to travel to Estonia again. This time to Muhu island just next (or before) Saaremaa. We made a food article for Kodin Kuvalehti with Peke and Ingrid Eloranta at Muhu Veinitalu.
The couple has recently opened a restaurant in Tallinn. Haven’t tried it yet but I guess it can’t be bad!
I took this fun video with Uzi and a herd of sheep at Muhu Tonise guest house.

And next Uzi traveled to Lisbon again…
Lisbon uzi work trip 5.2015nina japan
And in August it was my turn to go to Japan –  a real dream come true although it was a busy business trip. But I was overwhelmed by the Japanese culture, lovely, hospitable people, wonderful food. This trip really made me want to go back!
In this small picture above the man is not trying to suffocate me but dampened the towel in the hot springs in Yunomine Onsen (a traditional hot spring destination) and treated me with a facial. The minerals are supposed to do something good to your skin (and make you look years younger of course!).
After Japan I hardly unpacked my luggage just to pack again and this time a bit closer: England which I totally saw in new eyes.
This is Nina Dodd’s picture on South West Coast Path hiking path.   NinaRose1_england Varon family reunion In the fall Uzi traveled to a family reunion in France, which was held modestly in a castle. Skeppsholmen Stockholm
And at the same time I spent three long days exploring Stockholm for a city article for Matkaopas.
Before Christmas I also studied three weeks Spanish in Madrid. It was a real intensive course with 6 hours of lessons every days continued by conversations in Spanish.
Christmas markets, tapas, turron… Some pictures can be found on my  Instagram- account. https://www.instagram.com/ninarosemaoz/
Well, feels good to end this year at home…. have a couch time with loads of chocolate. My home got a new design while I was away and now I really enjoy just not having to move anywhere.
This break won’t last long, however. In February we are planning for Israel and that trip will be followed by a real holiday in Thailand!
But meanwhile, let’s celebrate! A happy and peaceful year  2016 with new adventures!  Let it bring us all good things!

2 thoughts on “Flashback: our year 2015 on the map”

  1. Hi Nina,
    I was wondering if you ever published the article on the UK trip in Sept 2015? I see you make reference to it in your 2015 round up.
    Were my photos too scary to use?
    I’m now a bit of a traveller as I met a new lady at Christmas 2015 and we have been in the Philippines since May. Leonida was visiting her eldest daughter and 5 grandchildren when we were introduced.
    I hope you are doing well

    1. Hi Mike, we met at the Steam Rocket, right? Unfortunately the editor had shortened my text so only the place was mentioned but without the interview or pictures. If you want to have your picture you can write to helsinkistudio (@) ninadodd.com
      I am happy to hear your good news! Wonderful to learn that you have found a new companion in your life. I wish you and Leonida a beautiful xmas time and happy new year!

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