Finland summer magic

After the long, dark winter we get rewarded!
The summer, the midnight sun is just here. Well, maybe not as sunny as we would have wished but we will get warm at least in the sauna 🙂
Heinäseipäät pellollaWhen you see the hey drying on the roadside you know that the summer is here!
Making of midsummerWe just made a summer night story at my daughter’s godmother’s summer cottage and it really got me into the midsummer atmosphere!
Making of kesäyöjutun tekoa SaunavihtaA traditional Finnish sauna vihta, a bunch of birch leaves that we use for hitting ourselves. A very relaxing habit which gives a good smell for the whole sauna.
Making of summer storyThe water in the lake was only 16 degrees but we swam again and again!
JuhannusyöTomorrow there are going to be a lot of bonfires for juhannus, the midsummer party when the whole country celebrates the nightless night.
I have spent so many summers abroad that I need a very good reason to miss the Finnish summer despite of the mosquitoes and cold weather. Still I understand those who want to ensure the sun and book a trip abroad.
Anyway, let’s enjoy the summer, this short and lovely time. Have a nice holiday!
Summer night Finland

Visit Finland has made a wonderful video about the Finnish summer. If you want to read their whole article about the midnight sun see it here. Enjoy!

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