So it is Christmas…

The world is full of wonderful places to explore but it feels just so good to be at home now and just to relax with family and friends.
We wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka or a peaceful holiday time! Thank you for following our blog! I am deeply grateful for all the adventures this year has brought. The journey continues… Continue reading So it is Christmas…

Varda’s chicken meatballs

My dear friend Varda is known for her hospitality and great cooking. Whenever I visit her I find myself enjoying a great meal. This time she came up with absolutely delicious chicken meatballs. Many of you have probably eaten chicken meatballs before, yet the recipe Varda came up with is something else. I tried it at home, of course, and it really worked. Simple and super tasty. Enjoy! varda kukkola hicken meatballs ingredienceschicken-meatballs-by-uzi[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:26]chicken meatballs a la varda

Ofer`s perfect Pita bread

I have been working in the same studio with Ofer Amir since the mid 90s.
Besides being a great photographer colleague and friend, Ofer also happens to be an excellent cook and pastry chef. From time to time he treats us in the studio with his latest culinary discoveries or just his favorite dishes.
Here is Ofer’s recommendation for a perfect Pita bread.
pita bread making 6[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:20]pita bread making 1 pita bread making 2 pita bread making 3pita bread making 3pita bread making 5

Matka is here again!

The most important travel happening is about to begin! Or actually it started already and we got some bites for you from the professionals’ day.
I truly enjoyed meeting my colleagues from all corners of the world.
Uzi’s pictures will tell you more than any story… If you are in Helsinki, be there! Lots of colors, tastes and… a lot of noise. This time also the domestic destinations are in an important role side by side with the foreign countries. I am especially proud of our archipelago being displayed well!
_49A7142 _49A7152 _49A7141 _49A7153 _49A7158 _49A7161 _49A7163 _49A7172 _49A7274 _49A7334 _49A7289 _49A7337 _49A7354 _49A7358 _49A7134 Matka 2016 will be open for public from this Fri to Sun, Jan 22-24. Enjoy! 🙂


In the very last days of December it seemed like a good idea to exchange the B/W reality of Helsinki to full technicolor world. And about fifty centigrades increase in temperature would do nicely, too. So we chose Goa as our winter holiday destination with our life long friends from Copenhagen, Merete and year eve on baga beach New year’s eve in Goa’s Baga Beach. Loads of teen testosterone (only young men on the go!), full blast electronic music and fireworks. And with all that, everything went through rather peacefully.yos at his home I met Yos in Helsinki last autumn. He’s been travelin in and out of India for over 10 years. We agreed to meet in Goa in January. Found him at his Goan home in Anjuna.
_49A5836 At Baga beach outside Xavier’s shack we met Naim, or ”Mikko” as he is known among the Finnish tourists. Mikko speaks good Finnish and arranged us a driver for one of our trips. Here’s a picture of him and his wife taken back home in their village in Maharashtra.cows in goa Someone told us that the name of Goa has something to do with cows. Might be true. There sure are plenty of those around.
kola beach goa 2 kola beach goa kola beach 4 goa Cola Beach in the southern part of Goa is about the closest I ever got to a paradise beach. Beautiful, clean and quiet. Great accomodations, simple and comfortable. Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves was a welcome change to the constant boom boom soundtrack of the more populated northern beaches.fishermen kids in goa Boys helping their father to prepare the nets for night fishing at Cola-Beach.fishermen in kola beach goa Fishermen returning with the night’s catch. They have to make do with whatever is left after the big trawlers have harvested the coast._49A6371 Three days trip to the state of Karnataka and the ancient city of Hampi gave another perspective to India. The train journey takes 8 hours each direction, but it is an exotic experience in itself. The colourful medley of the other passengers on board, changing landscapes and the constant parade of vendors keep you entertained all the way. Hampi karnataka hampi karnataka 4 hampi karnataka 2 hampi karnataka 3 river in hampi karnataka The temples of Hampi are unique and beautiful. Built and carved in the local granite they stand along the great valley surrounded by rocks and hills. A small river adds a ribbon of blue among the red and black hues of the stone. My second visit to this place after almost 10 years was sure worth it._49A6583 The guard in one of the temples allowed me to photograph her hands.bus in goa Can a bus get any more colourful?
cashew nut goa Cashew is one of Goa’s symbols. This strange nut grows attached to the bottom of the cashew apple, outside the fruit. The fruit itself is used to produce the famous Goan spirit kids in karnataka In India most people seem to like to be photographed. Here a group of schoolboys are posing for Shay._49A6858 _49A6891 The Artjuna cafe restaurant’s chef, Nadav Shir has traveled the world and India for 12 years. Artjuna is such a pleasant place and the food so good, that we ended up eating there many times. Here Nadav prepares our veggie lasagna.faces in goa East meets west in Goa.river boat in goa The Kerala-type houseboats are a relatively new feature in Goa. This one was built in the traditional way by people from Kerala. It has three cabins and takes only six passengers at a time. We spent 24 luxurious hours on board enjoying good food and drinks, beautiful riverside landscapes and all the singing and soaring birds around.
Well… just to make sure the experience would not be too idyllic, some hotel started another loud technomusic party at midnight very close to the place where we achored for the boat goa white-bellied sea eagle _49A6906 Our houseboat, Laid Back Waters.
house boat and captain Our captain Ramesh.kingfisher bear goa Kingfisher, probably the best known Goan market in goa Goa’s fish markets have a great selection of seafood. King fish, barracudas, sharks, red snappers, squids, shrimps…