Traveling with my Dad


20 month old Nina in Kenya

 My dad used to travel a lot. He went to Norway, the Sovien Union, Israel, Lebanon, Kenya, Uganda… Sometimes I and my mom followed him to these trips. I have seen a film from Kenya where a blond girl is surrounded by African kids. In my photo album there is a picture from Leningrad in which a Russian lady holds the little Ninusha.  A bit later my dad was forced to take me along because otherwise I would cry the whole time while he was gone (a bit of sentimentality is always good!). Later we traveled to Israel as a family. We drove the whole way from Finland by car. It was an adventure, as well as the whole year we spent in the Middle East. My dad often took me and my sisters to camp at the Lake of Galilee. In the evening we sat by the fire with the local people who played the guitar and sang Hebrew songs.  As a teenager I traveled to England with my dad. Also this journey we made by car. I studied English for three weeks in a language school. I ate Fish & Chips everyday (without Fish because I was vegetarian). I wondered what my mom would have thought if she knew my diet.  After the language school we toured around in Scotland. I saw the low tide and high tide. We climbed up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland.  Later my parents wondered where have I got this endless thirst for travelling, seeing new places, learning new languages. I don’t have to look far to find who to blame. Thanks to my dad and also to my mom I am doing now what I do.    Today we celebrate the Fathers’ day here in Finland. Happy Fathers’ day to my dad and to all the fathers in the world!