Desert trek

Going off road!

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Our desert adventure in Mitzpe Ramon began with an early wake up-call at 5.30 but it was worth it.  At 6 am we already were standing on the top of the mountain (or Makthesh as they call it here) waiting for the sunrise.
Makhtesh is a Hebrew language word and a geological term for a crater that got its shape on its own and not from a meteorite that fell to the ground. Makhtesh Ramon is a really huge “crater” with a length of 40 km and width of 7 km. 
I wore harness on the tope of the makhtesh and soon found myself hanging on this steep wall.

All my sleepiness was swept away at this stage…

off road drive negev dedsert israel
After rapelling we jumped on a jeep and drove down to the bottom of the makhtesh.

desert wild herb tea
Our guide boiled water and mixed some herbs into it: sage, za’atar (hyssop) which is related to oregano, camomile and nobody knows what else. The results were amazing!

hiking in the Negev desert
After breakfast in the hotel we headed back to the terrain – this time by foot. Beautiful morning, mineral formations in the rocks, acasias (which is a real miracle by the way!). Simply great!

hiking in maktesh ramon


Our bedouin guide Younis finds a herb from the nature for every problem, holds a scorpion without getting bitten and catches a porcupine (I saw one by the way!) from its nose.

Negev desert hiking boots

My faithful shoes got a bit dusty on our 10 km long hike.

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