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Amedeo Modigliani in Ateneum

The retrospective exhibition of Amedeo Modigliani is in the art museum of Ateneum, Helsinki this winter, 28.10.2016 – 5.2.2017.A must for all art lovers. The museum also has much more to offer, such as Kaarina Kaikkonen`s installation at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard 5.2.2016 – 11.12.2016 !And the new display of the museum’s collection of Finnish classics is truly impressive.Go go go.

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Nick Brandt in Salo Art Museum

nick brandt exhibition card

Salo is a nice small town that has a great museum of art. Their exhibitions have made me drive the 100 km distance from Helsinki more than once.
Salo’s museum of art is having a most fantastic show by photographer Nick Brandt: “On This Earth, a Shadow Falls” 31.1.-17.5.2015.
Brandt portrays his wild beasts in their home ground Africa in a most delicate and beautiful way. He works at close distance to his subjects, as close as a photographer who portrays a human being would be. No long focal lenses nor colors, but black and white pictures gently toned to sepia, wonderfully framed and digitally mastered. Those magnificent prints kept me smiling all through the show. The intimacy of the images truly reveals the soul of the animals. These pictures are like poems that Brandt creates with so much love and respect to his subjects.
If you are in Finland this spring go to Salo and visit the museum of art.

elephant by nick brandt

lion by nick brandt

zebras by nick brandt
zebras by nick brandt

buffalo by nick brandt

lion head by nick brandt

leopards by nick brandt

elephants by nick brandt

skull by nick brandt

lion king by nick brandt

elephant walking by nick brandt