Pasta with fresh wild mushrooms

funnel chanterelle finland

You can not get it all! This autumn has been blessed with sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Low wintery sun paints the nature’s warm colors with an extra golden tone. But ! As much as we have enjoyed this sunny and dry autumn, the mushrooms would have needed the rains to pop up. So it’s been unusually slim pickings this year.
October is the season for the funnel chanterelle. I spent a few hours with my mother in law and sister in law searching for these delicious mushrooms. When dried, they can be stored for the whole long winter’s use.
This time the amount I found was so small, I decided to use them right away with pasta.

Here is a very simple recipe you might find tasty.

Pasta with fresh wild mushrooms


  • Fresh Funnel Chantaerelles
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Spaghetti
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Chop the garlic to thin slices.
  2. Cut the tomatoes to 3 pieces each.
  3. Fry the garlic in lots of olive oil and put aside when golden.
  4. Fry the tomatoes in the same oil, just for 30-60 sec, then put aside with all the oil still remaining in the pan.
  5. Fry the mushrooms on a dry pan first to get the extra moisture away, then add olive oil and fry for couple of minutes and let the mushroom absorb the oil.
  6. Cook the pasta.
  7. A couple of minutes before the pasta is cooked, put all the sauce ingredients back to the pan and warm them up. Add salt and pepper according to taste, then mix with the cooked pasta.
  8. Add parmesan cheese on top.
  9. Bon appétit!

pasta with wild mushrooms tomatoes and garlic

My Family reunion in Burgundy

My brothers and I live in 3 different countries: Israel, Holland and Finland.
However, we try to meet as often as possible and pull our kids and grandkids to the circle of the greater family. I personally believe that strong family ties can give you a feeling of security and warmth in this modern world.
This year’s meeting was held in the end of September in Burgundy, France. Looking for a place in the countryside, a compound that can host over 40 persons, we found the Château de Prety.
And indeed, great it was. This wonderful old mansion dates back as far as to Roman times.
During our 5 days meeting, the families did independently trips in the area, exploring the villages, small towns and markets.
The whole tribe met for dinner every evening. Good food and local wines gave the best conditions to spontaneous connections between family members of all ages.
I was especially delighted to witness how the younger generations did connect and enjoy each others company. Small groups chatting around dinner table or in the yard around the fire and under the full moon light.
Varon family reunion
Everybody has finally reached the meeting place and it is time for a toast!
Varon family reunion Varon family reunion chateau-de-prety-garden-2 Château de Prety ‘s garden has all that I love in gardens. Size (it is huge), informal design, lots of hidden corners one can find peace or meditate in, flowers and the history of the place visible.
chateau-de-prety-gate-and-micka The gate to the compound and Mycah, who has just woken up in the first morning after the previous day’s long drive from Holland.
Varon-family-reunion-burgundy So this is my family. You mess with me, these are the people you’ll have to reckon with…
Varon family reunion The Israeli delegation came up with T-shirts for everybody with a specially designed emblem for the event. 3 different colors: blue for the senior generation (the 4 brothers and their wives), green for our kids and their spouses and white for the grandkids. Great idea and fine execution!
varon-musicians-burgundy varon-musicians. Some of the Varons from Israel brought their music instruments with. Here, rehearsing under the supervision of my brother Ran. It was lovely listening to them almost daily. Sometimes as a group, other times just a sound of a lonely cello coming out of the third floor window.


The sound of water was a nice background music throughout the days.


My own suite used to be the Château’s horse stables. They have been transformed into beautiful living spaces.


Interior and exterior decorations match.


The vegetable market in the nearby village brought to my mind old still life paintings with their colors and style.