Burgundy here we come again!

This year Varon family reunion is in Burgundy. 5 days in Château de Prety near the village of Tournus. The 4 brothers, wives, children and grandchildren will come from as far as Finland Holland and Israel. This post is a warm up for the upcoming reunion report. Stay tuned!burgundy lunch Dining in the garden facing the very typical Burgundy landscape of fields and ancient villages. burgundy sun flowers montagny burgundy Montagny, a typical Burgundy village of just a few old stone houses. Many keep the houses as their vacation residences. burgundy winesOn our visits to Burgundy we of course enjoy local wines. The selection, quality and price range is great. smoked salmon in burgundyThis smoking box came the whole way from Finland to Burgundy. It proved to be a nice and useful souvenir. celloWhere my brother goes, his cello goes. This beauty is as old as the stone house where he spends his free time. Both about 300 years old!flea market in burgundyFlea markets in Burgundy are fantastic. Usually on weekends villages turn into big markets. Locals as well as antique dealers from the cities come for the game of goodies goodies found from the attics and cellars of old farm houses. old cemetery in burgundyAlmost every small village has its own church. There are a lot of old beautiful churches here, some as old as 900 years. I also found the cemeteries around the churches most fascinating. tour de franceThe Tour De France is an attraction a true Frenchman would not miss. Along the route people sit by the road in the heat for hours waiting for the riders to finally speed in front of their picnic tables for 4-5 seconds.