Recalling Turkish Riviera

In the upper picture I am writing notes for this article. The view at Olympos beach was so amazing that I decided to begin my article by describing it. Matkaopas Turkki Riviera Olympos

Our article about the Turkish Riviera which was published in Matkaopas September edition brought back many lovely memories.

I and the girls have a family piggy bank for collecting money for our holiday. The stomach of the piggy bank isn’t still very fat so we have plenty of time to think of a possible destination. But Olympos is a strong candidate, for sure! I would love to share my experience with my daughters too.

Olympos ancient town Turkey

Exploring the ancient city of Olympos. In the picture our guide Cafer and me – modeling shoes 🙂

These Teva sandals have served me on many trips and they are confortable enough even for running, if needed. And this is not a hidden advertisement… I paid every single cent from my own pocket 🙂  But after a couple of years they still look and feel like brand new. So I can warmly recommend them!

Climing Uzi Varon TurkeyThe work conditions of a photographer are not always so stable. Uzi on the right side.

Rock climbing Ninarose MaozI and my first rock climbing experience ever. Made it to the top although it was hard to believe it.

Boat trip Turkey OlymposRelaxing on a boat trip. And eating of course.

Kadir's treehouses Olympos TurkeyOur accommodation in Olympos was at least interesting. In Kadir’s tree houses you can sleep in a wooden huts that are located in trees!

Kadir's treehouses Turkki

_MG_7986 Night life at Kadir’s.

Kadir Kaya Olympos TurkeyAnd this is the host himself, Kadir Kaya.

Kadir’s treehouses website.

They also organize adventure sports at Olympos Adventure Center, located in the same place.

Ruya Pension Cirali Turkey From the lively Olympos we headed to more quiet Cirali, the next village. Olympos draws more young (or young spirited people) and Cirali caters more for couples and families.

Hasan Ruya Pensin Cirali Turkey Uzi had been here years ago with his family and our host, Hasan from  Rûya Pansiyon was happy to meet him again. He was a pleasant company to spend the evening with.  And the fresh bread from the oven and the big table of Turkish delicacies  was every night’s highlight!

Cirali Turkish Riviera Ruya Pension The garden at Rûya Pansiyon is a big orchard with its pommegranate, banana and avocado trees (just to mention some).  pihalla oli kokonainen hedelmätarha.

You will find their website over here.

Regatta, natural treatment and going off road in Croatia

Regatta Nerezine Lošinj Kroatia

Greetings from Lošinj island! We are in Croatia and today we took part in the 38th regatta of wooden sailing boats in Nerezine village.

Regatta Lošinj Nerezine Kroatia

After several rainy and gray days we finally got to see the sun! It was fun to watch the old wooden sailing boats (or boats built according to the old model) racing in the water.

We were invited here as guests of Croatian parliament and the first EU-interparliamentary conference on sustainable tourism. Mali Lošinj was chosen as the destination because of its remarkable achievements in tourism development in which the environment has been taken into consideration.

The official part was over yesterday so today we started exploring the island. In the picture with us the  Czech travel writer collegue Lucie and our wonderful guide Zrinka who is an islander herself (and returned to the archipelago after her Zagreb years).

Lunch Nerezine Manora hotel

We had our lunch break in Nerezine village at Manora hotel.

Tuna steak Manora hotel  Lunch Nerezine Manora hotel

A tuna steak, grilled eggplant and vegetables.

Jeep tour Osošćica Losinj Croatia

On a jeep tour to the highest top of Osošćica mountain. Once in a while we had to stop to take pictures of the wild sheep and collect herbs as we felt the fragnance of immortal, sage, thyme and rosemary directly into our car!

Lošinj Croatia

Lucie and the view at 588 meters above sea level.

Lošinj Croatia

It is possible to reach the peak also by hiking from Nezerine (4h) or Osor village (2 h).

Here the locals celebrate reaching the top.

Beauty treatment Losinj Croati

I and Lucie had a herbal body scrub. In this natural beauty parlor the products are made of only natural, mostly local ingredients. More than 200 species of medical herbs grow in the island so there are plenty of combinations! Our scrub was made of olive oil, olive kernel powder, sea salt, immortal and other essential oils.

Nothing could have been a better way to end the day! My skin hasn’t being as soft as now for ages.

This all is finished much too soon as we head to Zagreb tomorrow but it is always nice to add news places for Must return-list 🙂


More information:

English language tourism info about Lošinj island. 

Hotel Manora Nerezine village. A nice hotel and very good food. The owner is to be said the best cook in the island.

Natural Laurus spa at hotel Aurora.

Losinj Adventure organizes jeep tours.

A lazy Saturday brunch

Can the weekend start better than waking up late, going to a brunch with a friend and sitting long around the table?

Min Krog brunssi

When my friend recommended me Min Krog brun nothing about the  place . I even had to check even the location in Sundsberg with a navigator. I found out that it was only 14 minutes which is even less than the way to Helsinki city center from my place. So I decided to make it to the opposite direction this time and headed to Kirkkonummi.


Min Krog Saturday Brunch

People do different things with different friends… some are into sports, some are for shopping. Virpi, my childhood friend is my best gastronomy company. Eating and cooking is almost always part of our meetings. We both have the same taste and basically like anything (which is done well)!

So I called Virpi and we headed to Min Krog brunch which has an American theme this Saturday. The day was sunny and warm so we sat outside. The menu consisted of pulled pork hamburgers (we chose the vege option with tofu), salads, fresh baked bread and a lovely cake table with croissants, whoopies, home made chocolate cake…  We drank blueberry juice along with coffee and loose leaf tea (many varieties and a good quality, thanks for that!).

Everything was good although next time I would go a bit earlier (this time we started only after midday) as many of the plates were half empty. The personnel however kept running and filling the buffet so no way we would go home hungry.

Min Krog Late Saturday Brunch

The owner Alexandra and her lovely chocolate cake.

Brunches with different themes on Sat and Sun. 19 e/ adult. Better book your table in advance!

Min Krog   FB-site.